I’ve been pondering an important question over the last few weeks – ‘what do I do?’. Now, the the answer to that seems obvious but bear with me on this…

I’m asking ‘what do I do?’ not ‘how do I do it?’ or even ‘why do I do it?’.

It’s an important question, not just for my clients, but also for me – it defines my PURPOSE. Understanding your purpose is important. It’s the one thing you can hang on to, no matter what. It’s the thing that enables you to build goals, to strive.

Recent changes in my life caused me to become distracted as to what my purpose was. I’d got myself lost in the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ and lost focus on the ‘what’. It happens to us all from time to time and losing our direction can be confusing and disorienting.

Fortunately, after a great deal of self exploration, I’ve found myself back on solid ground, understanding my ‘what’ in clear terms once more. In basic terms, I allow people to understand themselves and bring about change to the point where they are able to love and appreciate themselves again. I know this sounds a bit trite BUT if you don’t love, appreciate and respect yourself on the deepest level, you can’t expect the people around you to do so either.

What ever work I do, whether it’s helping someone to stop smoking, deliver a speech or presentation or overcome anxiety and depression, the aim is to turn their ‘I can’t’ in to ‘I can’; to help people believe in themselves and THAT my friends, helps to develop self love, appreciation and respect. It’s a big job and one that has to be done one person at a time but it is my purpose and I’m glad to be aware of that once more.

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