Rule #1 – Show Up

I thought carefully about how to post this as today is polling day in the UK and I’m trying very hard to be non-political here but I thought that talking about this today was very relevant and too good an opportunity to miss.
Accountability is very important to me. I really try to make sure that I can look long and hard at myself and know I did my best but just like everyone else, I’m susceptible to fear. By far and away, the easiest way to deal with fear in the short term is to run fast and run hard in the opposite direction. Whether you can’t face that date or don’t want to face a hostile crowd in the workplace or even struggle to attend that therapy appointment, getting ‘stuck in traffic’ or calling in sick is really just a cop out and in the long term, it causes you to be a weaker person. Facing your fear is NOT easy. Showing up doesn’t just mean literally appearing somewhere you don’t want to be; it also means showing up and being accountable to yourself, and involves will power and breaking out of your comfort zone. It can mean giving up something or moving on as much as being present but whatever it means to you, once you’ve done it, the feeling of pride, satisfaction and achievement can be phenomenal.
So if you really want something, whether it is a political ideology, respect from your peers or a healthier lifestyle, be prepared to put in some effort. if it’s a struggle, by all means, seek some help. You might be surprised at just how supportive people can be BUT try. There are really no limits on what you can achieve if you put the effort in but that effort has to be more than just wishes and dreams. I’m unashamed to steal this strap line – JUST DO IT!
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