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I didn’t intend to provide online therapy but I see more clients over Skype and FaceTime now than I see in my office. I used to have a very busy practice in Leicester but a change in personal circumstances meant I moved to County Durham and I had to leave my Leicester practice behind. However, I soon discovered that my clients wanted to continue working with me, even if that meant that we couldn’t sit in the same room together. I found that working over Skype or FaceTime, even for hypnosis works really well and is actually very convenient for my clients too! I even work internationally. This is especially helpful for clients whose job takes them all over the world!

My online counselling and hypnotherapy service is for people find it difficult to have face-to-face therapy.  This may be because of agoraphobia, lack of mobility, time constraints, privacy issues or feeling uncomfortable with the idea of being in the same room as a therapist.  For this reason, I offer both Counselling and Hypnotherapy as online therapy through a secure video chat room.

Online therapy can be a convenient way to work through your problems and create positive change without having to travel. You are still able to see me and I can see you, just as though we were in the same room.

I have had good success in working with people suffering from agoraphobia, where the biggest difficulty in accessing help is getting to the therapist!  Agoraphobia is very debilitating and difficult for family and friends to understand and provide support for. Online therapy provides a real opportunity for sufferers to get the support and help they need to reclaim their freedom.

I have previously worked with clients who have too far to travel to visit my through online therapy. It may be that you are an ex-pat living abroad and want a British therapist or that you live in a remote place where there isn’t a local therapist available. It may simply be that you like the sound of having therapy with me and the online therapy format is most convenient for you. Whatever your reason, if you need to work through your problems and issues, my online therapy service may be the best option for you.

Sessions usually last for an hour.   Please ensure that you are in a safe, private and comfortable area and that your broadband speed is sufficient to cope with video conferencing, for example, if you can use Skype or FaceTime. When you book an online session, you will be sent an email with an invitation to join your session on the day and time you booked. This will include a link and joining instructions. Please be aware that I am bound by my terms and conditions that are provided prior to booking.


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